22. March 2019
FAQ SILVA health

FAQ: SILVA health – your mobile protection for single workers

Industry 4.0 not only offers enormous potential to work more effectively and economically. It also reveals completely new possibilities when it comes to the safety of […]
18. March 2019

Sinfosy at the 28th German Material Flow Congress in Garching

The industry meeting of intralogistics is about current trends and developments Whether the digital transformation has already reached all-encompassing areas in intralogistics will be discussed at […]
17. March 2019
Fabrik des Jahres

SILVA, SINTRA and SCIP: Sinfosy is exhibiting at “Factory of the Year”

In 2019, digital technologies will lead seven companies to the top of the competition A look at the event program of the 27th “Factory of the […]
13. March 2019
Zentrum Effiziente Fabrik Senftenberg

A use case of SINTRA and Dr. Königstein introducing SCIP

Sinfosys innovations on the BTUs campus in Senftenberg The Modellfabrik Zentrum Effiziente Fabrik Senftenberg, ZEF Senftenberg for short, is operated by the BTU Cottbus and shows […]
13. March 2019
Münchner Management Kolloquium

Sinfosy at the 26th Munich Management Colloquium

Innovations for management in the digital age On the 12th and 13th of March, the professors of the Technische Universität München invite to the 26th Management […]
13. March 2019

Digitization in production – opportunities, fears and needs

Digital competence pays off Digitization is not an invitation to dance, but much more a learning process. And above all the middle class must take part […]
15. February 2019
Volkswagen Scouting Logistikinnovationen

SCIP has been nominated for “Volkswagen Scouting Logistikinnovationen”!

The SCIP digital solution from SINFOSY GmbH has been nominated for 20 “Nominated Top innovators” this year as part of the scouting of the logistics of the Volkswagen Group and the Institute for Production Management (IPM).  There were more than 430 innovations from 33 countries. However only 20 from them were invited to undertake further steps. SCIP from SINFOSY GmbH is on its way as well!  What is SCIP? SCIP is a mobile information board (digital communication tool) that optimizes communication processes in production and logistics companies. SCIP helps deliver the right information to the right employees. For this, the employee in SCIP will […]
1. February 2019
Digitale Kommunikation: SCIP

Digital communication: Sinfosy at the 3. Production & Logistics Forum

What should the smart intralogistics of the future look like? What is meant by “intelligent production” nowadays? How should the maschines be connected in production? How can digital communication in the company contribute to value creation? These questions will be covered at […]
31. January 2019
Industrie 4.0: Maschinenüberwachung

Smartphone as a sensor: Sinfosy at the “Treffpunkt Zukunft:”Sensor Technology”

The next meeting “Treffpunkt Zukunft” will take place on 4th of February 2019 in the show room of the Modellfabrik of the University of Applied Sciences Dresden. This time the topic is “Sensor Technology”: the experts from the industry will discuss the trends in the field of “sensor technology” and present new technologies.  The representative of Sinfosy GmbH will give a short presentation on the topic “Smartphone as a sensor”. The presentation will be not only about the functionality of the modern smartphone, but […]
20. December 2018

The industry 4.0 in the Christmas workshop.

Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus coordinates his work processes? Communication with helpers and staff Many work instructions and coordination procedures are necessary to ensure […]