Sinfosy – Your start into Industry 4.0

The increasing digitalization in the economy and society means that even production and logistics processes will be interlinked in the future of modern information and communication technology. Thus, processes are optimized and productivity increased. This opens up unimagined possibilities for the realization of new, expanded business models.

However, for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) this still presents a major challenge. Projects with Industry 4.0 character are technologically highly complex and often associated with high costs. But the digitization of production brings especially cost advantages. Here we come into play:

Our “System as a Service” model enables companies of all sizes to get started with Industry 4.0 solutions and its associated benefits. In addition to the rented software from the cloud, exactly matched hardware is also included in the service model. thus they do not wear high investment costs and it is not necessary, in addition to test hardware or service it. In this way, you benefit quickly and easily from the many advantages of digitization.

Our industry 4.0 standard solutions

Customized offers

We often come across cases where a standard solution – no matter how flexible – is not enough for the use case.

We’ve created a way to cost-effectively customize our standard solution to meet your needs.

In addition to our standard solutions, we also offer our expertise to implement new applications based on our core competencies.

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Further Services

We optimize your production and logistics processes

In addition to the standard SyaaS offer and solutions derived from it, we also offer, together with our partners, to optimize their production and logistics processes. Together with our partners we create the data mining and help you to implement the necessary processes. Get in touch!