Sinfosy at the 20th strategy meeting of the chemical industry in Düsseldorf

Chemie 2019 Kongress

The Handelsblatt conference for the chemical industry will be held for the 20th time. One of this years topics is the importance of digitization and new economic perspectives.

Chemistry is one of the most important industries in Germany. In 2018, chemistry generated 1/4 of europes total industry turnover. It ranks fourth worldwide behind China, the United States and Japan. But competitors are catching up, since international corporations are aware of innovative technologies importance and the enormous potential that digitization brings.

Of course we are going to be present at the conference, drawing the manufacturing companies’ attention to our easy-to-implement Industry 4.0 solutions SINTRA, SCIP and SILVA. And for sure we will have a lot of interesting discussions.

When: April, 9th and 10th

Where: Renaissance Hotel Düsseldorf

Organizer: Euroforum Deutschland GmbH