5. July 2018
SILVA light - our machine monitoring solution

SILVA light – our machine monitoring solution

SILVA light: Mobile machine data logging using mobile phone sensors Reporting also for older machines Simple and effective: why using expensive native sensors if there are […]
5. July 2018
SCIP - our digital information board

SCIP – our digital information board

SCIP – digital communication for production Transparency increases productivity Since the success of Toyota’s production system in the early 1970s at the latest, transparency has been […]
5. July 2018
SINTRA - our solution for indoor localization

SINTRA – our solution for indoor localization

SINTRA – Real-time indoor localization Search processes eliminated: order for chaotic warehousing This chaos is wanted. Because: logistics experts know that chaotic warehousing saves space and […]
5. July 2018
About Sinfosy – Company Portrait

About Sinfosy – Company Portrait

Industry 4.0: Smart entry with standard tools Digital systems by subscription The advantages of Industry 4.0 are obvious: digital networking of products and machines increases efficiency, […]
18. June 2018
An entry into the industry 4.0 – machine monitoring, indoor positioning, digital communication

WhatsApp for the shopfloor

Of course, mobile phones are not appreciated at the workplace. But the smartphone can also be helpful. Or even an entry into the industry 4.0. A […]
6. December 2017
Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung – December 1st 2017

Sinfosy Press Review December 2017

Here is an overview of press coverage (mostly in German):
20. July 2017
Industrie 4.0 im Mittelstand

How SMEs can benefit from Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 solutions have so far been used by ‘upscale’ SMEs and large corporations rather than by small and medium-sized enterprises. What is the reason for […]
20. March 2015

New study about restraint in industry 4.0 solutions

High implementation costs in the absence of a business case are the main causes of Industry 4.0 restraint Berlin, March 20, 2015 – Nine out of ten […]
3. March 2015
Industrie 4.0 Lösungen

Smart Manufacturing – new standard offering

Standard offering in the Smart Manufacturing area to support even the smallest use cases Berlin, 2015, March 2nd – The new startup Smartly Solutions has announced today […]