Use Case – Anti-theft protection with beacons



In some areas of industry, wholesaling and logistics, traditional alarm technology and theft protection serve their purpose only outside of business hours. When warehouses are closed and entrances locked, the electronic anti-theft protection can be switched to “armed”

During daily business, those areas are permanently opened: not only to the staff, but also to suppliers, customers and visitors. There is a lot of traffic. Valuable goods and company’s properties are in motion without control. Such an environment offers ideal conditions for thieves.


Beacons are Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) emitters and the ideal anti-theft protection for users of the SINTRA system. With beacons, almost every area in- and outside can be monitored. The transmitters are small, lightweight and can be plugged everywhere – e.g. on cargo carriers, various components or production goods. The enclosed battery button cell is keeping beacons active for several years without having to replace it.

SINTRA Diebstahlschutz
Diebstahlschutz Beacons


Through their unique signal information, any number of beacons can be identified. For example in high traffic areas. The wall-mounted devices receive a precise distribution of the area to be monitored. The so-called geofencing is based on a virtual map. Any individual transmitter’s position is determined by Sinfosy’s trilateration logarithm. When a beacon leaves its assigned area, a previously defined action can be automatically executed – e.g. alarm triggering or a push message for the security staff.

your benefits at a glance

Perfect anti-theft protection

…for all users of SINTRA. Easy and inconspicuous to install, beacons by geofencing provide optimal protection in confusing areas with a high traffic volume.


Beacons consume little energy. With a simple battery button cell, they can be kept alive for several years before an exchange must be made.

Synergy with SINTRA

Beacons are an integral part of SINTRA. By using the smart BLE technology, not only pure geofencing is possible. The exact position of a beacon can also be determined with centimeter accuracy.

Insurance premiums can be lowered

Most insurance agencies provide attractive discounts on the use of alarm technology. Benefit from this advantage and lower your premiums by using anti-theft protection with beacons.

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