SILVA light – Machine monitoring to take away

Mobile machine monitoring for production

Your machines do not have sensors, but you still want to monitor them?

You want to track your production processes easily and effortlessly?

You always want to know if your machines are running, even if you are not on site?

SILVA light helps you to monitor your machines - even without integrated sensors!


Safely store the data in the cloud? That is possible! Security is our top priority, which is why we encrypt your valuable data!

No training required!

Expensive, extensive training is not required. The ease of handling is our highest priority – right after the security.

No upfront investment!

Low implementation cost through our pure usage-based pricing model – avoid funding headache. Upfront investments are not required.

No IT project!

Our solution is an end-to-end solution – from sensor to cloud storage. Save the resources in your IT department! Even without internal IT you can easily implement our solutions.

Functions & Features

  • Standard sensors
    The standard mobile phone sensors open a variety of ways to monitor even machines that do not have their own integrated sensors.

  • Reporting points
    As soon as certain reporting points have been reached, SILVA light informs you automatically. Let us inform you via push message on your mobile phone.

  • Wirelessly connected
    You can collect data wirelessly on mobile devices. You can do without cable clutter.

  • Various graphics
    There are many different views available for the presentation of your data. Use the graphic that fits your data.

  • Display of live data
    In conjunction with the SCIP system you can see the data in the control room or in the production cell – without effort.

  • Data backup
    Save the data to a file or in the cloud. A cloud database is also available. The decision where your data go, is yours.

  • Without investment
    Industry 4.0 without upfront investment? Our system as a service approach makes it possible. Even with short maturities, the costs remain low.

  • Several sensors at the same time
    You can easily use multiple sensors simultaneously to monitor your machines.




Our entry-level package includes:

  • Common
    5 Sensors +
    3G data connection
    Cloud storage
    (encrypted, unlimited)
  • Sensores
    For prototyping
    (select from 20)
  • Support
    5 x 8 Mo – Fr



Our Gold package includes:

  • Common
    5 Sensors +
    3G data connection
    Cloud storage
    (encrypted, unlimited)
  • Sensores
    Industry grade
    (select from 500)
  • Support
    5 x 12 Mo – Fr

* Based on an initial 12 months contract. In case you want to subscribe for less than a year please add 100 € setup fee and a premium of 50 % for the monthly subscription costs listed above.

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