Use Case – Indoor positioning in production areas with SINTRA

Many companies, not only in industry, have the problem that employees have to spend a lot of time physically searching for goods, finished and intermediate stocks, etc. The problem is that they have to spend a great deal of time searching for goods, finished and intermediate stocks. Even sometimes very sophisticated operating software does not change this. This costs a lot of time, money and often nerves.

There are two classical storage options:

Static bearings

Everything is always in the same, firmly assigned place. You have to accept that parking spaces for which no material is available remain empty. The space requirement is correspondingly large.

Chaotic storage

There is no fixed place for certain materials. Employees have to search frequently. However, the space requirement is significantly lower. In addition, you save time for the actually unproductive storage and retrieval. However, stocktaking in chaotic warehouses is complex.

The customer, the problem aund our solution

Over the years, a scaffolding manufacturer from Brandenburg has preferred to invest in machinery rather than in storage systems. Over the years, the number of variants of the articles has continued to increase.

Over time, the search for containers (grid boxes and collis) has become more and more complex. A problem that is widespread. In the case of chaotic storage, the location of each container and its contents are not specified.

It was urgent time for an indoor location system. To locate the location of the materials, we have provided each container with an active tag. This tag (iBeacon) emits a running signal. This signal can be located. Similar to a map, the containers can now be found electronically by everyone at any time in the SINTRA app. Here you can learn more about how SINTRA works.

And that’s not all. Information about the contents of the containers is no longer a problem with SINTRA.

It was not only in this case of the scaffolding manufacturer that it was so: In order to meet the demand for a profitable solution for determining the indoor position, such a system must be quickly applicable and ideally have all the necessary components. The SINTRA system meets these requirements. SINTRA is delivered as an investment-free “System as a Service” solution and can be used immediately.

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Beacons and reading devices as well as tablets for booking by employees


Apps that send the data of the tags to the server and enable employees to debit and credit materials.

Backend software

Backend software to capture the Beacon signals and manage the movement data.

How much will you save using SINTRA?

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In addition to the simple indoor localization, SINTRA allows a multitude of other use cases:

  • Reduce your search time to NULL
  • Optimise your logistics processes
  • trace the part movements
  • Submit travel, waiting and processing times
  • Build cross-company logistics chains on

… and much more
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With SINTRA your goods can be located in the warehouse or in production anytime and anywhere. The use of SINTRA for indoor localization is also possible across companies without integration. Replace Search by Find. Optimize your logistics processes – almost effortlessly!