Hanover Fair: Trending Topics 2019

Logo: www.hannovermesse.de

Logo: www.hannovermesse.de

The Hanover Fair takes place for the 72nd time. The trending hashtag is #HM19. Chancellor Merkel also showed up. What the fair essentially is about…

6,500 companies from over 70 countries will exhibit. According to the organizers, more than 220,000 visitors are expected until april 4th. Anyone who can not set up a personal visit can receive all information online. Here are the most important topics for this year:

5G and a lot of Use Cases

It can not be denied – 5G is by far the most important topic at the fair. For the first time ever, an area was set up in Hall 16 only for the next-generation telecommunication standard. The technology giants Nokia and Qualcomm have installed a real 5G network here on around 1,500 square meters. Various exhibitors are already taking advantage of the technology and, in the application, show what 5G really is capable of doing. For example, latencies under a millisecond can capture real-time data during an industrial welding process. A special software evaluates these information and ensures the digital monitoring of the entire working process. The new mobile communication standard is already an indispensable technology for the future of industrial production.

The factory of the future

When robots were used in manufacturing, this was always done with the highest possible precautions. It will change in the future. The intelligent machines are more sensitive, precise and intuitive controllable. In order to ensure occupational safety during production at all times, the mechanical colleagues now also understand instructions by means of gesture control, using innovative 3D sensors. Preventive measures to protect the human musculoskeletal system are coming along with networked exoskeletons such as the Cray X. The ultralight, carbon-made device is put on by the worker like a backpack and supports him in all movements during the workflow.

New ways of mobility

There is no way around sustainable mobility in production. For this purpose, Fraunhofer ISE has developed a drive based on hydrogen, which can be seen in Hall 27. With the increasing use of alternative engine systems, the automotive industry is in demand. Especially the software plays a significant role. We have been very excited about the joint announcement by BMW and Microsoft to speed up the development of smart factories through their synergies.