Smart Manufacturing – new standard offering

Industrie 4.0 Lösungen

Standard offering in the Smart Manufacturing area
to support even the smallest use cases

Berlin, 2015, March 2nd The new startup Smartly Solutions has announced today the immediate availability of its standard offering for Smart Manufacturing (Industry 4.0) use cases. The pure System as a Service offering is very affordable, thus allowing to support even the smallest use cases on the shop floor.

Smart Manufacturing – new standard offering: The Smart Manufacturing solution for machine monitoring, SILVA, from Smartly Solutions comprises of: Sensor, Microcontroller, Tablet computer, App, 3G data connection and backend storage. It is provided on a subscription basis. The variety of sensors covers the whole bandwidth of possible use cases. For requirements like ex control or in food industry Smartly Solutions partners with well-known Sensor producers.

“Today’s use cases in manufacturing often lack a huge business case,” Karsten Königstein, founder and CEO of Smartly Solutions explains. “Smart Manufacturing offerings often cost several ten thousands, if not hundred thousands of dollars. In many cases this destroys the business case and leaves the improvement potential untapped. With our standard solution SINFOSY we offer a completely OPEX based solution, that makes it the first time possible to tap any potential in Smart Manufacturing”.

A recent study from Smartly Solutions among 231 small and medium companies has shown the evidence of such subscription based offerings. Companies are deeply looking into solutions that make it possible to leverage the potential of Smart Manufacturing. 9 out of 10 companies have already defined use cases or are looking for use cases to improve their production and logistics processes even further by integrating operational technologies into their processes.

About Smartly Solutions:

Smartly Solutions GmbH produces and provides innovative solutions in the area of Smart Manufacturing (Industry 4.0). The wide range of partners are based in the fields of management consulting, sensor producers, system integrators and big data analytics experts that enable companies to take real time action in Manufacturing and Logistics. Smartly Solutions is based in Königs Wusterhausen near Berlin.

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SILVA, our machine monitoring solution, is also available in mobile version SILVA light