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How do I know if employees are in emergency situations?

How do I know where an injured employee is on the night shift?

How do I protect my solo workers?

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mobile single worker protection

SILVA health emergency call devices are based on the ANDROID system. This way you always receive the latest updates for your emergency call device via the Google Play Store.

Your mobile single worker protection: Thanks to the ingenious beacon and GPS technology, your injured employees can be located both indoors and outdoors. This is done by two types of alarms:

  1. dem will dependencies personal alarm with an emergency button in the app and
  2. dem will independency Person alarm, consisting of the idle alarm (time adjustable in the app) the pre-alarm (duration adjustable in the app) the dead man alarm (reminder alarm adjustable in the app).

The emergency notifications are immediately sent to the predefined person by SMS and e-mail with the location data. The possibility of voice contact is provided by the use of a SIM card. All settings in the APP can only be changed by authorized personnel.

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Quiescence sensor

With the help of the quiescent sensor, our emergency call devices are able to trigger will-independent alarms. This sensor is particularly important when working on its own, as the alarm is fully automated.

Deadman Alarm

A dead man alarm is particularly important in dangerous areas (when using dangerous machines) for safeguarding single workplaces. The dead man alarm is a will-independent , interval-based alarm. At regular intervals, this asks the employee to submit a live report.

Emergency button

With the emergency call button integrated in the app, you can trigger an will-dependent alarm at any time without entering a telephone number. Just click on the button and help will be called immediately. The location of the employee is transferred and helps rescue workers to find the injured person more quickly.

Functions & Features

Emergency notifications

Emergency notifications are sent to a predefined e-mail address and telephone number. This notification contains the name, area and location of the victim. The use of a SIM card even makes voice contact possible.

Localization by Sinfosy beacons (indoor)

By placing our Sinfosy beacons in the work areas of your employees, the location of your employee can be transferred quickly and easily in case of an emergency. In this way, rescue forces can find the injured person more quickly.

Localization by GPS (Outdoor)

Through the use of GPS technology, the locations of your employees can also be transmitted outdoors. This means that no time is lost in the search for the injured employee, even in an emergency.
SILVA health - mobile single worker protection: Emergency notifications are sent by SMS and e-mail with the location data to a predefined person.

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