Meet Sinfosy at the 25th Munich Management Colloquium

Treffen Sie Sinfosy beim 25. Münchner Management Kolloquium

„Management in the Digital Age – Is the computer a better manager?“

This is the title of the 25th Munich Management Colloquium 2018, a joint event of the TCW Transfer-Centrum GmbH & Co. KG and the Technical University of Munich. Rapidly the world is changing around us. Whether due to global economic risks or the changes associated with digitization and Industry 4.0, uncertainty is increasing.

The challenges, but also the opportunities for the economy, will be discussed this year at the Munich Management Colloquium:

In which areas and departments in the company does digitization make sense?
Loss of control – with which concepts, methods and tools can you counteract it?
What opportunities and opportunities does IT-supported management bring with it?
How must management change in the digital age?
Computers will support our decision-making process more and more and more and more decisions will be completely taken away – where is that meaningful and valuable?

More than 80 well-known managers and executives from different industries will speak on this topic at this year’s 25th Munich Management Colloquium and present their solution concepts. Already in the past years we were able to present ourselves and our Industry 4.0 solutions in the context of the congress. We are very happy that we will be able to visit the site again this year. Because we have a lot of news to report and also expanded our solution portfolio.

Meet Sinfosy at the 25th Munich Management Colloquium: The congress will take place in the main auditorium of the Technical University of Munich.

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