SINTRA Update – new functions and features

The indoor positioning system SINTRA receives numerous innovations and improved usability

The award-winning indoor positioning system SINTRA will receive a major update this week. The main focus is on design adjustments and the improvement of usability.

The new features in detail

The update contains many usability improvements. A new eraser icon now allows you to delete entries. Furthermore, the load carriers can be called up directly by keeping the five-digit container number pressed.

A description of the beacon’ s location is now also visible in the container display. Goods can thus be found even faster and easier than before.
In the new version, photos of the container contents can now also be created and displayed. This function is also available in the web portal.

Photo Indoor positioning system SINTRA

Further usability improvements in the new version include:

  • display of the logged on user in the menu and during logout
  • an extended search function for pitches
  • display the current version on the login page
  • the autostart function after cell phone restart

Besides the many significant usability improvements, the new SINTRA version also brings many design adjustments. The push messages are now displayed more conspicuously and the storage and retrieval is much more convenient thanks to a new screen design.

New Features SINTRA Read Beacon App

The app responsible for localizing the beacons has also been revised and improved. In the current version, the version number is already displayed in the login window. Other improvements include:

  • Optimization for readers in battery mode
  • Autostart function after cell phone restart
  • Checking the battery status of the reader in the web portal


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