SILVAlight – condition monitoring made easy


The innovative solution for data acquisition and condition monitoring of your machines


For many companies, collecting data and monitoring machines is essential. Unfortunately, this is not always possible because the machines are obsolete, have no sensors or have been provided by other manufacturers. The solution would be uniform sensors and software that evaluates and stores the data at a glance.

With SILVAlight we at Sinfosy offer exactly the solution for this problem. With a simple smartphone as sensor, the data is captured precisely and displayed directly on the app. The function behind it is simple. The SILVAlight solution works on the proven concept of condition monitoring. With the standard sensors of the smartphone, such as light sensor, vibration sensor, noise detection and many more, the required machine data can be recorded. The collected values are then detailed and visible in the STPS portal at any time.  The advantage is that data no longer has to be recorded on paper and all the required machine information is visible at a glance, regardless of location.

Why should this function be important for your company? Quite simple! With these simple steps you can quickly and reliably find out how effective your machines are. Thresholds can be detected in time and downtime can be accurately recorded and even reduced with warnings. Sinfosy thus offers the simplest complete solution in the industry 4.0. This Plug & Play system can be easily integrated into your company without much effort and investment. Exactly for this reason Sinfosy GmbH was awarded the Innovation Prize 2018 Cluster Metall Brandenburg with the SILVAlight App.

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