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IoT in Greece – Industry 4.0 solutions

IoT in Greece – Industry 4.0 solutions: The IoT is here, it’s evolving fast and it’s changing the daily lives of businesses and users alike. It not only ensures a new wave of digital transformation of the economy and society through the integration of OT (operating technology) and IT (information technology), but also strengthens users, employees and citizens through its mobile and digital functions. These are some of the key findings of the 2nd Technology Conference of “Naftemporiki”, “Internet of Things – Evolution in Action”.

Last week I had the privilege to speak at the 2nd Technology Conference entitled “Internet of Things: Evolution in Action” in Athens, Greece. The conference was hosted by Naftemporiki ( The Naftemporiki (roughly translated: The Navigation Handelsblatt) is a daily published Athens business newspaper.

In fact there have been two presentation I delivered:

  1. Industrial IT – Why isn’t it happening for SMEs?
  2. Consumer IoT applications: Advantages & Concerns

About 400 people gathered together to discuss the latest IoT related topics in and around Greece. The level of the presentations was – as expeceted – great and thanks to simultanous translator even understandable to me.

Key takeaways:

  • Greece has a great potential of young professionals
  • The government is willing to support the local initiatives
  • Local startups with high potential are already established
  • Supporting Greek industry with own ressources gains highest priority for the local government

The press release about the conference you may find here: for those of us that are not proficient in English … Google Translator is your friend 😉


Watch my speech published on YouTube: