Digitization – these 5 mistakes you should absolutely avoid

A few tips for your journey into transformation

A few tips for your journey into transformation

According to a bitkom study, small and medium-sized enterprises in particular are still investing rather seldom in digital business. But we’re all on the move digitally. Digitisation is already part of everyday life in the private sector. Why is investing in the digital future not just as natural? Possibly because it is uncomfortable and the future is uncertain. After all, the pace at which technologies develop is rapid. New trends are constantly appearing, which too large parts also quickly disappear again. Keeping track of things and not losing focus is not easy.

To keep the overview, here are a few tips for your journey into transformation:

1. Digitization is not a project

Projects have a starting point and are completed at some point. Digitisation, on the other hand, is a process. And it’s not completed in six months. As much as digitisation changes our private lives, it will also change the economy. Simply because the behavior of the customers is changing due to the infinite possibilities. Understanding and responding to these developments is a mammoth task and a process that should never end.

2. Digitization does not necessarily mean complicated technology

Processes, supply chains, industry 4.0 – of course, automation and optimization are necessary in order to stay on track. However, the human being should not be ignored. In principle, it is very simple: solutions and products must work. They must offer real added value, significant improvements and, ideally, significant savings compared to the investment.

3. Digitization is not (only) a matter for the IT department

As already mentioned, digitization is a process. And this must also be supported by all. Even if it seems tempting to put the digital hat on a person or department, everyone bears the responsibility for a successful digitization process, and not just those who do “something with computers” and are already buried under mountains of work in small and medium-sized companies anyway.

4. Things don’t always run according to plans

Exact predictions cannot be made on the subject of digitisation simply because of the infinite possibilities. Failures are virtually pre-programmed. This makes it all the more important not to lose sight of the visions. So don’t bury your head in the sand, learn from your failures and continue.

5. Don’t rest on your past successes

Even if your “old” ideas are still good enough today to keep business going, it would be fatal to believe that tomorrow it will still be the same. The competitors are not sleeping! And that is not even the greatest danger! Countless start-ups, but also completely sector-unrelated Internet giants are increasingly outstripping those who miss the start-off shot. So just start as long as the economic situation still leaves you the room!


Industry 4.0 is not equal to digitization.

And both are not the as same highly complicated technology, IT project or large investment. Often the start is much smaller and easier than you expect. And if you include everyone in this process, the new ideas will only bubble – we promise!

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A few tips for your journey into transformation