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digital communication for companies

Our digital infoboard is now also available in the App Store

Digital devices have become indispensable in everyday life. Mobile phones and tablets have become everyday tools and means of communication. Chats, private emails, sending pictures and private videos, Facebook have found their way into everyday life and is standard – even for older people. But what about digital communication for companies?

Communication, especially in production areas, is often undirected, subject to media breaks and extremely complex. The great challenge of many small and medium-sized companies, but also of large corporations, is above all in a well-functioning, loss-free communication within the production as well as to the management. In administration and management, the digitization and standardization of communication has long been introduced. The communication in production, however, is relatively archaic, error-prone and lossy. In most cases, the communication is paper-based, on demand, by notices and oral routes. Media breaks and loss of information are inevitable.

Well-functioning communication, not only at the department level, but also across all departments and across all hierarchy levels, is vitally important. This is the only way to efficiently coordinate and monitor the operative processes in production.

SCIP enables digital communication for companies

With SCIP we offer a complete system for digital communication in the company, a digital info board. It consists of mobile devices, an app and a web-based platform. Also included are the services needed to keep the whole system running. SCIP solves the communication problems described by merging the information and replacing the previous communication paths. In November 2017, our solution for optimizing the communication processes in companies received the innovation award in the metal cluster from the state of Brandenburg.

Work instructions, machine data, action and shift schedules, to-do lists and much more are available centrally around the clock and from anywhere. All digitally and using tools that are familiar to all – a digital bulletin board for your pocket.

Compared to many other solutions, SCIP does not require any programming, investment or IT project. The digital information board is ready to use within a few minutes and the acceptance by the employees is high. You can work on the familiar mobile devices.

So far, the SCIP app was only available for Android devices. From now on you can also download the app in the App Store and use it on your iPhone or iPad.

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SCIP in the App Store

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