FAQ: SILVA health – your mobile protection for single workers

FAQ SILVA health

Industry 4.0 not only offers enormous potential to work more effectively and economically. It also reveals completely new possibilities when it comes to the safety of your employees. SILVA health offers mobile protection for single workers with an ingenious emergency call system. Here we clarify the most important questions.

1. Is special hardware required?

No, because a conventional smartphone is enough. The handling is familiar to everyone. And you do not have to purchase it separately, since it is already included in our system as a service offer.

2. Which software is required?

SILVA health emergency devices are based on the Android operating system. Simply download the app from Google Play Store. It will be updated automatically.

3. Which emergency call types are available?

SILVA health provides two simple types of emergency calls: the will-sensitive alarm, which can be activated via button inside the app, and the will-independent alarm, which automatically identifies emergency situations and transmits an emergency call.

4. How does the will-independent emergency call work?

The standstill alarm gets triggered automatically as soon as the smartphone’s sensors do not detect any movement vibrations for a certain period of time. The dead man’s alarm activates if the working person has stopped to confirm a regular query.

5. What does the alarm message contain?

The emergency notifications are sent by SMS and e-mail including the location data of the employee and the employees name to a predefined contact person.

6. Can the rescue process be accelerated?

Yes, because with indoor localization, the employee can be located instantly, even if the workplace is a jumbled production hall or warehouse. Using GPS technology, the localization works also outside. Paramedics can find directly to the accident site.

7. Is there also a voice function?

Every smartphone equipped with SILVA health can be easily upgrated with a SIM card (provider selectable). This makes it possible to establish a direct voice connection with the injured employee.

8. Can the alarm settings get changed accidentally?

No, because all safety-related settings can only be changed by authorized personnel. This preserves the alarm to be switched off unintentionally.

9. Will you demonstrate a SILVA health use case to us?

If you want the innovative emergency notification system to protect your single workers, we will gladly organize a live demonstration of the technology at your location.

10. What does it cost?

The safety of your staff is priceless. For a small monthly amount, including hardware, software and support, we will integrate SILVA health into your company. Ask us for your personal offer, which we will calculate according to the number of employees and infrastructural specifics in your facility.