Sinfosy goes far east: Trade Mission to Taoyuan, Taiwan

Sinfosy Taiwan

The German Trade Office in Taipei invites business leaders and decision-makers from various industries to Taiwan.

On their journey to far east, participants are going to explore the asian market. Dr. Karsten Königstein will accompany the delegation to Taoyuan. The city is located in Taiwan’s north and is a central hub between East and Southeast Asia. The whole region is best known for its economic power. Metropolises such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul and Bangkok are only a few hours flight away.

Attractive International Business Leaders Program

All participants can expect a multi-day program with seminars, business meetings and company visits. The selection ranges from automotive and aerospace industries to logistics and medical technology. These and other industries are located in Taoyuan’s +32 industrial parks, where european companies will connect with new suppliers and business partners. And the potential is great. Asia’s market is thirsting for solutions in manufacturing, research and development.