A use case of SINTRA and Dr. Königstein introducing SCIP

Zentrum Effiziente Fabrik Senftenberg

Logo „Zentrum Effiziente Fabrik Senftenberg“, Screenshot: www.b-tu.de

Sinfosys innovations on the BTUs campus in Senftenberg

The Modellfabrik Zentrum Effiziente Fabrik Senftenberg, ZEF Senftenberg for short, is operated by the BTU Cottbus and shows in a sample landscape how innovative technologies help their users to become more efficient. Our solution for indoor localization SINTRA is already an integral part of the facility. Visitors can convince themselves of the effectiveness in the case of application.

Dr. Karsten Königstein will present the digital information board SCIP in a lecture on march 14th.

03/13/2019 – “Tracking & Tracing” (Exhibition Stand)
03/14/2019 – “Industry 4.0 in Production and Logistics” (11:30 am Lecture with Dr. Königstein and Exhibition Stand)

Campus Senftenberg
Multipurpose building Rotunda (building 7)
Großenhainer Straße 60
01968 Senftenberg

Organizer: BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg