Did you ever ask yourself why companies do not adopt Smart Manufacturing practices?

Governments are complaining, organizations are founded and studies are issues to find out why mostly the multinational companies are adopting smart manufacturing (Industry 4.0) principles and solutions.

We have issued a study ourselfs in 2015 asking, what prevents companies of implementing Smart Manufacturing solutions. The answers were clear and straight forward:

  • The manufacturing departments are always treated to implement only those solutions that bring a real benefit (financially or compliance) to the processes
  • Smart Manufacturing projects always incurr IT requirements. Especially small companies do not have the skills required to implement such overly complex IoT projects.
  • IT departments are chronically overworked and usually are not flexible implementing changes quickly

Recently I also found the resons behind these ansers. You can read them here 

To make a long story short: In average only 7 % of all manufacturing based companies have their own IT personell.

So we did it right … all our solutions follow 5 simple principles aiming to sove the issues of those companies and helping them to implement Smart Manufacturing solutions without any IT project. All of our solutions:

  1. Solve a real world problem that gives immediate value to the company
  2. Have a payback less than 6 months
  3. Have a setup time of a few minutes
  4. Are delivered as “System as a Service” solutions (think SaaS + hardware)
  5. Can be used with our other solutions without writing any line of code

Our smallest customer has about 20 employees, our largest customer has several 100.000 employees and is acting globally.