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Participating in the digital revolution for your manufacturing has never been easier

Smart Manufacturing,

Off the shelf.

Ready to run.


Smart manufacturing is about objects interacting with humans and vice versa.

Solves existing problems

Smart Manufacturing solutions should be able to solve existing problems that provide a real, countable benefit. Our innovative solutions are solving problems in real live.

Fast payback times

All of our solutions have been built to maximize your value. They come low cost and for a low monthly payment. In each case the savings surpass the costs by far.

Delivered as System as a Service

All of our systems are being delivered as an OPEX based Service. This means they come in a combined hardware and software combination that is ready to run, with a setup time of minutes.

1 + 1 = 3

All of our solutions have interdependencies with the other solutions. By using one solutions another solution will have an even bigger impact to your savings.


Frequently Asked Questions
What are the range of sensors I can choose from?

The range of sensors you can choose from starts from simple temperature sensors till explosion proven sensors. We work with the world’s leading sensor manufacturers to find the suitable sensor for your requirement

What are the differences in your three offerings?

Angebot 1 für 100 € / Monat ( 12 Monate erste Zahlung ) hat eine 5 × 8 h Unterstützungslinie mit 8 Stunden Reaktionszeit auf Probleme . Es enthält 5 Sensor / Mikrocontroller Auswahl aus einer Vielzahl von etwa 20 verschiedene Sensoren. Angebot 2 für 150 € / Monat ( 12 Monate erste Zahlung ) hat einen 5 x 12 h Support Einklang mit 4 Stunden Reaktionszeit. Sie können aus einer großen Liste von verschiedenen Sensoren aus unserer Sensor Partner ( ca. 2.000 verschiedene Sensoren verfügbar) zu wählen. Angebot 3 für 200 € / Monat ( 12 Monate erste Zahlung ) hat eine 7 × 24 h Unterstützungslinie mit 4 Stunden Reaktionszeit. Sie können aus über 5.000 verschiedenen Sensoren wählen.

How can you ensure that my encrypted data is save?

We use 128 Bit AES encryption. To decrypt your data the world’s largest supercomputer would need 1 billion billion years (1,02 * 10E18 years) to decrypt it. We believe that nobody will wait for the outcome. You may find the calculation here:

Is it also possible to rent your System only for a period of one month?

Absolutely. Please add 100 € initial setup costs per System and a premium of 50 % to the initial offer pricing.

  • SINFOSY helps us to take control about important machine parameters. Before using it we had difficulties with keeping track of these machine parameters

    Head of Maintenance, Printing House
  • Thanks to the “System as a Service” approach of the solutions from Smartly Solutions we have been able to address an issue in production right away without losing time.

    Head of production, automotive supplier
  • The SCIP solution is paying off multiple times per month. Before using it we had a very cumbersome process to distribute information to the shop floor

    Plant manager assembly