Meet Sinfosy at ZEF Senftenberg: Maintenance 4.0 & Logistics 4.0

maintenance 4.0 & logistics 4.0

Maintenance 4.0

While maintenance plays a rather minor role in many companies. Only when there is a fire, when disturbances occur, does their real meaning become visible. If production processes are poorly maintained, the probability of malfunctions increases, quality and safety decrease. This makes it all the more important that production and maintenance work together efficiently to create stable, highly available processes.

Maintenance costs are to be minimized, but the reliability of production is to be maximized, as are the safety of employees and data and, last but not least, output. These are some of the many goals we hope to achieve through the use of Industry 4.0 technologies. However, the general uncertainty in the affected industries is high. Not least because the introduction of intelligent processes in production and maintenance is expensive.

Logistics 4.0

Numerous unproductive activities are weighing on logistics processes today. Parts, intermediate materials, tools, finished production goods and much more are often searched for. The status of an order and its stage of completion is often incomprehensible. Fast, efficient and transparent processes are the goal of Logistics 4.0 and basically every company, because unproductive activities only cost money in the end. Here, too, the industry is expected to be a saviour and to contribute the technologies for redesigning time-consuming processes. This can open up considerable savings potential.

But where to start? And how? Is the constantly propagated digitization and networking really necessary in order to design processes efficiently and ultimately be able to produce more cost-effectively?

The two-day event on the topics of maintenance 4.0 and logistics 4.0 in the ZENTRUM EFFIZIENTE FABRIK SENFTENBERG on 7 and 8 March 2018 will address these questions.

Meet Sinfosy on March 8,2018 at the theme day “Mobile Logistics in Production and Trade”: Dr. Karsten Königstein will give a lecture on the topic of “Object tracking with iBeacons” and present our solution for indoor localization. We are looking forward to an exciting Logistics 4.0 day and lively discussions.

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