Machine monitoring with OCR

Maschinenüberwachung mit OCR

SILVA light, the solution for machine monitoring now also with OCR!

We have developed SILVA light to sustainably support manufacturing processes. This is a simple solution for (condition) monitoring of machines.

SILVA light is a solution as simple as it is ingenious: with the help of sensors, which are already integrated in commercially available smartphones, the functionality and utilization of production machines as well as manual workstations can be monitored. With the various sensors in the smartphone, many, even complex use cases are possible without expensive implementation and IT project.

So far we have covered three sensor types with our machine monitoring solution:

Acceleration sensor

With the acceleration sensor you can measure even the smallest movements on the machine. For example, you can determine whether the machine is running, count parts and even identify non-circular running machines.
light sensor

Light sensor

With the light sensor, you can easily find out, for example, the number of parts produced or whether components or devices on the machine are open.

Magnetic field sensor

With the magnetic field sensor you can quickly and easily measure the current flow of your machine. This allows you to determine whether the machine is working or has failed.


With the latest SILVA light version you can now also use the camera to monitor your machines. Thanks to OCR, analog meters can now be read at any interval. Many older machines have such drag counters, which are now finally available digitally.

The acquired sensor data can be displayed and evaluated in the supplied SCIP light solution – of course without programming and IT services. This closes the gap in direct communication between machine and human being.

SILVA light is already the third solution with which we are applying for the coveted Innovation Award Metal Brandenburg. We are curious!


A short overview of SILVA light can be found in our FactSheet:


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